Export Excel to vCard Contacts with Comfort and Convenience . . ! !

Looking to convert Excel contacts to a format supported by the desired email client?

Convert from Microsoft Excel to vCard format is what Excel to vCard converter offers.

This software is the most relevant place to find an advanced superior and professional software tool to export Excel to vCard, a format accepted by almost every email client. VCF is the extension for vCard. So, you can easily export Excel to VCF using this tool. Excel to vCard Tool is the first company to generate such software that converts Excel contacts to vCard format. Considering the continuous demand for such a software tool, which could convert Excel contacts to other applications, by many users around the world, Software decided to come up with this tool.

  • Converts Excel contacts to VCF & imports to almost all email clients.
  • Transfers Excel contacts to VCF & imports to devices like mobile, Palm.

Download Trial DEMO - Excel to vCard Converter Tool

You can download the Demo version of Excel to vCard online without paying a single penny. Yes! It is absolutely FREE. This demo version of the software converter will let you export only 10 contacts from Excel to vCard. See how the software works by this version and if you find it satisfactory enough to efficiently export Excel to vCard, then you can purchase the Full version.

You can use this Excel to vCard convertertool to export contacts from Excel to vCard format which can then be imported into almost every email client application including Mac Address Book, Lotus Notes,Linux Kontact application etc. Then these imported contacts can be used formailing to business leads easily in bulk which will save a lot of your precious time. With Excel to vCard software, you can:

  • Export Excel contacts to Lotus Notes
  • Transfer Excel contacts to Mac Address Book
  • Import Excel contacts to Linux Contact application
  • Convert Excel contacts to Thunderbird
  • Export contacts in Excel to Windows Address Book
  • Convert Excel contacts to Windows Vista Contacts Address Book

Converting Excel to VCF using this software is very easy. You can first convert XLS to VCF file format of vCard and then you can import these .vcf contacts to any of the email client application that supports vCard (.vcf) file format and so these imported VCF contacts can then be used for quick bulk mailing.

Searching For a Tool to Transfer Excel Contacts to Mobile or Palm:

Again the perfect place to find a superior tool. Besides transferring Excel contacts to email clients, Excel to vCard also facilitates the transfer of Excel contacts to a mobile or Palm as vCards are also supported by Mobiles and Palms.This makes this tool really versatile. You can export Excel contacts to Blackberry; you can import Excel contacts to iPhone and many other such devices that support vCard format.

Key Features of Excel to vCard Converter tool

  • Easy, quick and error-free conversion from Excel to vCard: The software has a user-friendly GUI which makes it easy. It quickly exports the Excel contacts to vCard VCF format. Also, contact information is not changed in the conversion process.
  • MS Outlook not required for conversion: For using this Excel to vCard software to export Excel to VCF, you do not need MS Outlook on your system.
  • Unlimited contacts can be converted: Using this software, you can convert unlimited contacts from Excel XLS to vCard .vcf format.
  • VCF file for every contact: The software creates VCF files for each and every contact in your Excel database.
  • Mapping of selected fields is allowed. Excel to vCard software to export Excel to vCard allows the mapping of selected fields. For example, you have the ‘Names’ as the first column in your Excel sheet and ‘Email Address’ as the second column. So, when you do the conversion, software will allow you to make such selection that names will go in names fields in the email client and addressed will go in email address field.
  • Emptying of email address fields allowed: This software tool allows emptying of the email address fields of converted .vcf contacts.
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